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Who do you give an Award to on Never Give Up Day?

Who deserves an Award for never giving up? Maybe it's your mom or dad, a teacher, a friend, a mentor, a health care worker who inspired someone else to fight another day?

On Never Give Up Day you award the unbelievable power of your loved ones, friends or colleagues who simply refuse to give in to life’s challenges.

The importance of these Awards is unmatched. They are not just for the show; instead, they have a higher value. Celebrating Never Give Up Day allows people the chance to feel like they’ve achieved something significant, in spite of their difficult situation, but just the fact that they are holding onto their goals and never give up, has created value in the eyes of their family and friends!
There are many different certifications to choose from. Each is made up of a specific life challenge that someone may encounter. Be sure to look for an award that the recipient will cherish.
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