10 Best Things To Do On NEVER GIVE UP DAY Take part in the spirit of the day

1. Treat someone to dinner who has never given up on you
2. Buy a bouquet of flowers to acknowledge someone's determination
3. Blow out candles to mark an anniversary and celebrate a new
4. Write a thank you letter to someone who never gave up on you
5. Plan an outing with friends, family, colleagues to celebrate the beginning of a new journey
6. Donate to a cause that you judge must never give up on their
great work
7. Check in your area if they have organized any local events, or
if not, you could organize one
8. Never Give Up Day doesn't only revolve around mental or physical exhaustion but anything that contributes to the changes you want to make in this world. So raise public awareness and shape public perceptions about particular issues that you believe we must never give up on, such as the Climate Change
9. By all means, if you have a story to tell that can inspire others to overcome, that's the day to do it
10. Make it a special day together with your significant other. The highest form of gratitude towards another is to celebrate Never Give Up Day, because never giving up on someone in their difficult times of life, is the greatest act of love one can receive