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August 18 is officially Never Give Up Day. While many people focus on one aspect of "Never Give Up", dealing with physical or mental exhaustion, Never Give Up Day can be anything that contributes to our society and the changes we want to make in this world.

To help you celebrate the occasion, here are twelve interesting facts about Never Give Up Day.

  1. Everybody will know that August 18 is Never Give Up Day. Just like any other special day, people's perseverance and determination must be celebrated on a particular day each year.

  2. A global celebration focused on cultivating a mindset of determination. The existence of such a day is a powerful advocacy tool to inspire, educate and help people to persist through their challenges. It's a perfect day to convince yourself that you are strong, determined, and able to achieve everything you believe you can achieve

  3. Much more than just a great initiative. "Never Give Up” is what we’ve been told all our lives, by our parents, by storybooks, by teachers, coaches, mentors, and peers. This celebration day is now recognized as a significant day of influence and perseverance.

  4. The impact such a day has on society. The global interest that Never Gives Up Day generates for its annual celebration on August 18th is phenomenal. Never Give Up Day encourages the public and private sectors, schools, universities, and citizens, in general, to make this day a springboard for awareness-raising activities.

  5. City Mayors recognize the impressive resilience and determination of their communities More than 80 cities across the US & Canada proclaim August 18th as Never Give Up Day. The media embraces Never Give Up Day with national and local print, online, and broadcast channels covering the celebration day.

  6. A great day to present a distinguished award to those who demonstrated a great act of determination. Never Give Up Day Awards offer an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding achievements by individuals who are facing their challenges with grit and determination. The criteria whereby people can be presented with a Never Give Up Day Award are Those who demonstrate an unusually high level of success in spite of adversity and opposition. Those who demonstrate great moral courage to their family, community, or city. Those who deserve encouragement for fighting back against a personal and/or common struggle.

  7. An untapped marketing potential. Never Give Up Day makes up a great celebration for the brand's storytelling campaigns. Never Give Up Day is second to none at engaging fans and bringing exponential growth to the social media reach and engagement for their brand, team and sport.

  8. Social and economic benefits. Never Give Up Day represents a global audience and provides a common platform that inspires individuals and professionals to organize virtual and/or physical events/activities to take place on a local and global scale.

  9. Love always begins with never giving up on each other More people use Never Give Up Day to thank their spouses and partners who stayed with them through the whole journey, when things got the toughest, they never gave up on each other. This day is a great opportunity to honor those without whom their struggle and achievement might not have been possible. 10 . Celebrate your perseverance and determination. Never Give Up Day speaks to so many because one of the deepest principles in human nature is the desire of our achievements to be acknowledged, not for what they've achieved, but what they have been through to achieve it. 11) Comes just at the right time for millions of people. So many people around the world need to hear the words Never Give Up. Mental and physical illnesses remain a significant threat to people's well-being and the well-functioning of society. Never Give Up Day inspires people to fight another day.

  10. Never Give Up Day was founded in 2019. Founded by 'Mr Never Give Up', author of the book '365 Reasons You Should Never Give Up'. In his book introduction, he wrote: “The road to success looks like madness. If you succeed, people will reformulate madness into ingenuity. But if you fail in the end, you will remain in the eyes of the others a madman. And the frustration lies when you are in the midst of the journey, because then there is no way of really knowing which one you are.”

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